About The Barclay Law Group

We do things the right way. Not only do we genuinely care about you and your family, but our attorneys also work tirelessly, helping you through your major life crises and heart-wrenching decision-making processes. We possess a mixed cultural sensitivity, coupled with business savvy and are your support base. We have nearly a century of experience in working through the toughest personal, professional, and legal situations. Our reputation, from Lester Barclay on down, resonates with judges, clients, and even other attorneys. We mix common sense with practicality and a wealth of knowledge — follow our lead to the best possible resolution to your situation.

Barclay Chicago Law GroupBarclay Chicago Law Group
Barclay Chicago Law Group

Our office is located just south of Chicago’s South Loop, at 3525 S. King Drive. We cover a wide range of services and cases, with our focus in the areas of family, probate, and real estate law.

It is all about the relationships we form with our clients

We care about how your life will be when your case is over.

We won’t lead you down the wrong path or exploit your situation. We will find the most practical and the shortest distance to resolution, and our personalities will put you at ease. The way we do business is just different from the rest. Let us lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Barclay Chicago Law FirmBarclay Chicago Law GroupBarclay Chicago Law Group
As a team, The Barclay Law Group dedicates its time to serve clients, the community and families with the highest degree of moral standards, utmost professional integrity and unwavering due diligence.

Passion for people and law is something that cannot be taught. Each attorney has been hand-picked to fit within the culture of the firm. Honesty and integrity are first and foremost, coupled with unprecedented competence.

The firm serves a wide range of clientele and values each client relationship. Every matter that is take on is approached with sensitivity and the client’s ultimate goals in mind.

Our Philosophy

To serve our clients and our community with the highest degree of moral standards, utmost professional integrity and unwavering due diligence, is the principle our firm preserves and applies throughout its legal practice. At The Barclay Law Group, P.C., our clients are provided with support, reassurance and encouragement. Without compromising the quality of our services, we attempt to carefully ensure that the process required in accomplishing our clients’ goals is beneficial, realistic, and financially reasonable. Your personal and economic well-being is our most important concern.