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Attorney Lester Barclay pens book with tools to banish divorce drama and trauma

Lester L. Barclay, Esq. is the senior partner of the The Barclay Law Group, P.C., a highly competitive and all inclusive law firm. A member of the Cook County Bar Association and 30-year veteran, attorney Barclay is a native Chicagoan who champions families and businesses, and has a penchant for family law.

Here, Barclay discusses his new book, The African-American Guide to Divorce & Drama: Breaking Up Without Breaking Down, “the first-ever comprehensive book on divorce tailored specifically for the Black community which skillfully shepherds readers through the often painful process of separation and divorce, while seeking to minimize the ‘drama’ and trauma for them and their children” and focuses primarily on “divorce and non-marital separation, alongside custody, visitation, child support, financial disputes, and related issues in the context of African American cultural and social realities.”

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