Terri Smith Blanchard

Terri Smith Blanchard is passionate about making sure all people have equal opportunities in city business and housing, what many consider the new forefront of civil rights. She thrives on protecting those that often don’t have the funds or business savvy to protect themselves, often defending minority and women-owned businesses rights in city contracts.  Blanchard’s experience is only surpassed by her passion for fighting for disadvantaged Chicagoans — she is part of a rare breed to earn a living while making sure all people are heard and accounted for.

After attending Oberlin College and University of Michigan Law School, Blanchard joined the Barclay Law Group in 2007. Prior to joining the Barclay Law Group, she was principal counsel for her own firm, the Law Offices of Terri Smith Blanchard, for seven years. She now focuses on general litigation, employment discrimination, minority and business enterprise contracts, landlord/tenant, municipal, and real estate.

Blamchard is also counsel to the Central Advisory Council, the tenant side of the Chicago Housing Authority, where she partners with groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to protect tenants’ rights against discriminatory public housing policies, including a nine-year stint re-shaping the Cabrini Green housing project. She represents teachers and principals in their lawsuits against Chicago Public Schools and is a board member at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.


A Chicagoan since birth, helping people has been driving her since childhood. When it comes to making sure your voice is heard and you’re treated fairly, Blanchard is all business.