Rafael L Taylor

Rafael Taylor is a legal fireman, putting out the biggest or closest fire to the firm and its clients. Taylor’s focus is domestic relations; most notably divorce, custody battles, parentage, and child support; as well as appellate work. He is a born-and-raised Chicagoan, earning his Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his Juris doctor from Valparaiso in 1997.

Taylor is a point A to point B attorney – he leads you through the legal process, achieving the tangible results you deserve while helping you move forward. Taylor’s wealth of experience, legal understanding, fanatical preparation, and knowledge of judges give him insight into what will happen in cases, every step of the way, from the first time you meet until your case is fully resolved. He is highly skilled at writing and research and is helped in his cases by his unique storytelling ability.

Taylor has discovered his profound love of helping people from his grandmother’s advice and the unique cases he has handled, including representing the Village of Robbins, IL in suits against a mobile home park in violation of multiple health and safety ordinances. His perseverance through back surgery is indicative of his never-say-die attitude – he fights through it the same way he fights for you.