Mitchell T Mancione

Mitchell Mancione might be the nicest lawyer on the face of the Earth, but he never shows it in the courtroom.  He specializes in probate and trust disputes, estate planning, real estate, litigation, and guardianship. He is skilled at massaging inter-family disputes and navigating your case’s winding road. His knowledge, understanding, and negotiation skills are comforting to his clients and ensures the most favorable and efficient outcome. His vibrant and calm sensibilities connects with clients on a personal level; he will meet you in person, put you at ease, be honest with you about your case, and find the best, cost-effective way to proceed.

Mancione joined the Barclay Law Group in 2007 after receiving his law degree from John Marshall Law School. Being a writer at heart, earning his bachelor’s degree in English with distinguished honors from the University of Illinois-Chicago, helps him understand classic law texts and find creative ways through the legal process. He also teaches litigation to paralegal students to impart wisdom to others.

Mancione is a family man; he’s married to a teacher and is father to a young daughter. He is driven by his belief in good results for deserving people.