First Commercial Recovery Group, LLC (“FCRG”) is a national commercial business-to-business debt collection agency based out of Chicago, Illinois. FCRG is an Affiliate of The Barclay Law Group, P.C., which has a staff of commercial recovery associate professionals and in-house attorneys with years of hands-on collection and litigation experience who will litigate cases in their jurisdiction if required.


Collection Programs

FCRG can be a great asset for your business. As a full service national commercial debt collection agency, we help companies by collecting funds due from debtors from all over the United States and internationally if required. We assist debtors by establishing client-approved payment plans to get delinquent accounts paid in full, thereby curtailing the costs of debt collection to our clients’ accounts receivable and credit management departments. We offer very competitive rate programs which are lower than most debt collection agencies. There are no sign-up charges or up-front fees for placing claims with our firm, and if we do not collect your claim we will not charge a fee for our services.

We are dedicated to be your full service debt collection solution by increasing the percentage of bad debt recovery for our clients in a professional manner, and preserving our client’s image and our reputation in our industry. We are able to facilitate commercial accounts for clients across the United States and in many foreign jurisdictions where required.


Online Status Reports

FCRG offers a complete web-based claim monitoring system, allowing clients to login and track claims online from any location 24/7. As an FCRG client, your login credentials will provide access to all pending claims, just like walking into our offices.


Litigation Network

FCRG has a nationwide network of collection attorneys who can assist with litigating claims in any jurisdiction. Based in Chicago, our company Attorneys will directly litigate any cases in our jurisdiction, and can refer counsel in any other jurisdiction in which our clients’ claims may be pursued. Our attorneys will first build upon initial collection efforts by demanding payment in full (including all fees due under any applicable contractual agreement between the debtor and client), identifying potential assets, and, where necessary, filing suit in an effort to reduce to the debt to a collectible judgment.


FCRG takes great care in the hiring and training of all personnel to assure competency and professionalism at all times, and only hires collectors with extensive collection experience. While our primary objective is to collect debts on our clients’ behalf, we are also concerned with maintaining the continued goodwill of our customers. We abide by a strict code of ethics which we constantly monitor in order to protect our clients’ best interests. We at FCRG would like to be your collection agency, and invite you to contact us for any additional information you may need and look forward to earning your business.

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